High Quality Evaporator Components

High Quality Components

ENCON uses the highest quality, brand name industrial components on all our MVC Evaporators. One of the easiest ways to save on manufacturing costs is to use lower quality, commercial grade components. This allows a vendor to save a little money upfront without a customer knowing, but it comes at the cost of long term durability.

While ENCON always strives to provide the most value for our customer's dollar, we reject using inferior components to try and save a few dollars. We view our customers as long term partners and we want them to be as delighted with our products ten years down the road as they are the first year. With names like Rosemount, Gould, Sulzer, Ashcroft and Endress Hauser, you can be assured that all the components on the MVC Evaporator are the very best.

ANSI/API Centrifugal Pumps - feed and recirc.

  • Typical is Gould's 3196 XLTi or Sulzer CPT
  • Double Mechanical Seals
  • Seal pot system for mechanical seals
  • Open Impellor for handling solids
  • Bearing case separated from liquid end of pump
  • Motor separated from bearing (long shaft design)

Electric Motor Protection – Blower(s) and Recirc Pump

  • Over temperature protection on motor windings
  • Aegis grounding rings on bearings

Electrical Panels

  • UL/CUL Rated
  • SSCR rating of 65,000 amps (typical)

Measurement sensors

  • Rosemount - magnetic flow meters
  • Micro Motion - Coriolis mass flow meter
  • Badger - Ultrasonic flow meter
  • Rosemount RTD temperature sensors and transmitters
  • Rosemount Pressure transmitters
  • Ashcroft Pressure gauges
  • Rosemount Guided Wave Radar Level Probes
  • Endress Hauser - Level switches

Process vessels designed to meet ASME Section VIII pressure vessel codes with mechanical safeties (rupture disks)


  • 2 Piece AVCO valves with re-enforced teflonseats
  • Spring return actuators for fail safe return to safe position
  • 2 position limit switches on skid boundary valves
  • Analog control valves
  • Low point and isolation valves
  • Low point drains included in design
  • Check valves to prevent back flow
  • Festo air solenoid valves with Ethernet/IP control
  • 3 way valves on air system to safely depressurize/de-energize system automatically


  • Expansion joints used to eliminate pipe stresses on piping and components such as pumps, HX, and vapor compressors. Standard material of construction is EPDM - other materials of construction are available.
  • Industrial pipe supports
  • Fluid and vapor velocities optimized for client waste water conditions