ENCON Wastewater Evaporation Products

ENCON Evaporators delivers more standard features, innovations and solid engineering than any other wastewater evaporator manufacturer. ENCON offers a full American made product line for your wastewater minimization needs with capacities from as low as 200 gallons/week to as large as 4,000 gallons/hour. All ENCON Wastewater Evaporation Equipment is engineered for easy installation, simple maintenance and low cost operation.

Our MVC line of evaporators are available in capacities from 40-4,000gph. These highly automated systems operate on steam and compressed air at an amazingly low typical operating cost of $0.01 - $0.02 per gallon of condensate. 

The ENCON Thermal Evaporator line is available in a wide range of standard capacities, from 8 to 400 gallons/hour, and heat sources that included: gas, propane, electric, steam, oil, waste oil, off spec landfill gas and waste heat.

Our ENCON Drum evaporators completely encapsulate a 55-gallon drum of wastewater and heat it electrically from the outside. The DE-2 is a batch evaporator (auto-fill option is available) that can process 200 gallons per 5 day week. The DE-4 is a auto-fill evaporator that can process 400 gallons per 5 day week.

The ENCON Drum Dryer is used for dewatering concentrated slurries and sludge to a dry condition. It can operate as a standard ENCON Drum evaporator and then be turned to dryer mode where an auger provides gentle and consistent agitation as the solution dries.