Wastewater Evaporation Technology

Evaporation technology offers the simplest and most effective approach to industrial wastewater minimization. ENCON Wastewater Evaporators are able to handle a wide range of waste streams simultaneously and are a great option for manufacturing processes that may expand or change in the future. Many companies that generate industrial wastewater are hauling their water for disposal at a high cost per gallon. Other companies are treating the wastewater, often with labor and chemical intensive processes, and are having to adhere to increasingly strict discharge limits to their local sewer authority.

ENCON Drum and Thermal Evaporators offer an alternative to hauling and treating by safely evaporating wastewater to atmosphere at a dramatically lower cost. ENCON Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) Evaporators recover and recycle wastewater as distilled water for reuse or discharge to the sewer. ENCON MVC Evaporators are very energy efficient with typical energy costs in the range of $0.01 – 0.02 per gallon of distilled water. Finally, the ENCON Drum Dryer will efficiently dewater concentrated residues to a dry condition, in most cases, for landfill disposal.

All ENCON evaporation systems are designed to operate off shift and unattended to minimize manpower requirements and cost. ENCON Sales Engineers will work with you to qualify applications based on ENCON lab and pilot scale testing. The ENCON approach is consultative with special focus on providing solutions with financial justification and regulatory compliance.

Please navigate our web site to learn more about ENCON Wastewater Evaporator systems, solutions, and lifetime support or contact ENCON directly by calling 603-624-5110 or emailing to sales@evaporator.com

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MVC Evaporator

Featured Product MVC Evaporator

The ENCON MVC Evaporator is a forced circulation flash evaporator utilizing mechanical vapor compression. Available in capacities from 40-4,000 gallons/hour, these highly automated systems operate on steam and compressed air at a typical operating cost of $0.01-$0.02 per gallon of condensate. A variety of material of construction options are available to handle just about any waste stream.

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 Reverse Osmosis Reject

Featured Application Reverse Osmosis Reject

In industrial settings, RO is often used to remove total dissolved salts (TDS) from industrial wastewater or treated industrial wastewater and yield permeate with relatively low TDS concentrations. While RO is an effective method for handling wastewater, what to do with the concentrate or reject water (typically as much as 20-50% of the RO feed water volume) can be an issue. Specifically, the high salinity in RO reject / RO concentrate can make it prohibitive for discharge to a local sewer facility. Hauling the wastewater to a treatment facility can also be prohibitively expensive. ENCON Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) Evaporators and ENCON Thermal Evaporators have proven to be effective technologies for dewatering RO reject / RO concentrate waste streams.

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