Hazardous Waste Evaporators - Wastewater Management Case Studies

Encon Evaporators Case Studies

Toyota Volvo Of Keene

Toyota Volvo Of Keene Solve Two Disposal Challenges With One Solution

Car dealership dramatically reduces wastewater disposal costs with free energy source

The Company: Toyota Volvo of Keene, East Swanzey, NH
The Solution: ENCON Waste Oil Evaporator, Model WO66Y-36
Customer Since: February 2005

Toyota Volvo…

INCOM Corporation

Optical Company Saves Thousands Every Month Using the ENCON MVC

Company dramatically reduces disposal costs and recycles wastewater for reuse.

The Company: INCOM Corporation of Charlton, MA
The Solution: ENCON Mechanical Vapor Compression Evaporator (MVC)
Customer Since: January 1996 (MVC customer since October 2008)


Clivus Multrum

ENCON at the Freedom Tower

Company dramatically reduces down time and cost of waste disposal.

The Project:  Freedom Tower waste concentration
The Solution:   ENCON Thermal Evaporator system
Project start date:  November 2009

A challenge for all high-rise construction projects is to minimize demand on the…


Upgrading from an old atmospheric evaporator to a new ENCON Thermal Evaporator saves company $24,600 per year!

MicroConnex is a leading supplier and production partner for flex circuits and laser micro-machining based near Seattle Washington. Originally founded in 1995 as a research and development company, MicroConnex currently occupies over 18,000 square feet of office,…