Thermal Evaporators

What is a Thermal Evaporator?

thermalevaporatorENCON Thermal Evaporators are a time-tested method for economically reducing the water portion of water-based wastes. It is our most flexible evaporation system in terms of heat sources available and the different ways to configure the thermal evaporation system including batch, semi-batch, and continuous operation as well as options to recover steam as distilled water.

ENCON Thermal Evaporator Systems are available in a wide range of standard capacities, from 8 to 400 gallons per hour and heat sources that include: gas, propane, electric, steam, oil, waste oil, off spec gas, and waste heat. ENCON was founded more than 20 years ago with the Thermal Evaporators  offering and that original system has evolved and been improved upon to the point it is today which is the industry leader with widest range of configurations.

What Does a Thermal Evaporator System Do?

Put simply, the ENCON Thermal Evaporator Systems allows you to efficiently and affordably convert the water-based portion of water-based wastes to water vapor, while leaving the higher boiling contaminants behind. This can eliminate the need to discharge wastewater to the sewer and or greatly minimizes the amount of waste that needs to be hauled off-site.

If your waste stream is substantially water (70-99%), it is likely to be an excellent application for ENCON wastewater evaporators.

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