Evaporator Controls & HMI

Controls and HMI

ENCON MVC system comes standard with Allen-Bradley controls. The ENCON system is fully automated from start-up all the way through to automated CIP cycles.

Automation includes: wastewater feed, automatic discharge of concentrated residue from the Separation Tank, automatic transfer of distillate from the distillate sump, and automatic cleaning (Clean-in-Place) of heat exchangers. Numerous variables such as temperature, pressure, and water level are monitored continuously, and will trigger various alarm conditions that notify the operator of deviation from normal operating mode.


  • PLC: Allen-Bradley Compact Logix – standard
  • HMI: Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 6 1250, 12.1”
  • Touch screen interface is standard
  • Fully automated
  • Automated % volume reduction/ residue concentration control based on boiling point elevation
  • Automated Clean-In-Place (CIP)
  • Automated system dump
  • Interlocks and enable status built in as popup screens to aid operator with troubleshooting
  • Trend screens and data logging of process variables
  • Alarm data logging – time stamped and archived
  • Help screens built into HMI in both operating and alarm screens
  • Electrical schematic built into HMI screen
  • Evaporator owner’s manual built into HMI screen
  • Optional chemical additions (such as anti-scalant or anti-foam) automated for ppm control by pacing the flow to feed rate