Blower(s) are used on ENCON MVC Evaporators to compress the water vapor for the purpose of raising its pressure and saturation temperature. This produces the desired heat transfer in the main heat exchanger for recycling the energy in the vapor, which greatly improves energy efficiency.

A rotary lobe or centrifuge blower may be used, depending on the application and the size of the unit. For smaller units, a rotary lobe blower may be utilized. In a rotary blower, also known as a roots blower, two rotary pistons rotate in opposite directions. In larger units, centrifugal fans are often used. These are continuous flow machines which have a spiral type housing and a rotating impeller.


High Alloy Rotary Lobe Vapor Compressors

  • Analog temperature monitoring of oil for over temperature protection of blower


Duplex Stainless Steel Centrifugal Vapor Compressors

  • Corrosion resistant materials of construction
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Bearing temperature monitoring
  • Forced oil lubrication system
  • Lubrication oil flow meters
  • Casing temperature monitoring