What some of our customers are saying about their ENCON Evaporation/Distillation system…

"We have been extremely pleased with both the performance and trouble-free ease of operation……We have been very pleased and relieved with the quietness of this unit's operation in comparison to other brands of units that we have used in the past….. Everyone at ENCON has been very kind and helpful, even after the sale and it has been a pleasure to do business with them."

"They have the best bang-for the buck…they are very knowledgeable concerning their equipment. They always connect us with the correct person to answer our questions."

"...we have very high expectations, so I would say that their performance equaled our expectations….we would definitely buy from them again."

"...I highly recommend the ENCON DE-2 to any industry that may be looking for a waste disposal option. The headaches of constant monitoring, inspections by government agencies, and the cost of lab analysis and record keeping were overwhelming. With the introduction of the ENCON DE-2, many of my "to-do's" were eliminated with a substantial cost savings."