ENCON 400gph Thermal Evaporator

The video above is showcasing the attributes of an ENCON Thermal Evaporator. To begin, you are seeing some quality control testing before the evaporator is being shipped out to its new owner. This unit is 400 gallons per hour capacity and runs on propane. As you can see within the video, it has a touch screen control panel. This is our V3 control panel, which has a gray-scale graphics screen,  and most of the functioning of it is controlled through that, as you can see there is just an on-and-off switch up in the left-hand corner, a burner-on light on the right and an emergency shut-off. This is the largest of our thermal units, however, the larger sized units would be of the MVC variety. There's a quick access panel, which we would look at a bit more in depth. The back of a larger access panel in the back. These are the mist pads, there's two of them within the evaporator, they eliminate contaminates before they vapor. Push through the fan, and up outside through the ceiling. On the backside of the unit, we have the burners. There are two on this unit. There's a thermo-couple probe right there, measure our temperature. And there's the auxiliary panel on the other side. Unfortunately, you can see those little glowing lights there, are parts of level probes, you can sort of hear them...the frequency on them and a thermo-couple probe. That is where the residue gets pumped out of.

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