ENCON 165gph Thermal Evaporator


Here you have ENCON's 165 gallon per hour natural gas-fired evaporator. From this view, you can see the control panel. The system is configured with auto-fill control and also auto-dump. You can see on the bottom right of the system is an auto-dump valve. The system has a mist elimination system consisting of two mist pads and is also set on a skid.

Now we're going to walk around the system, and I'll just comment on some of the features that you can see in the view. The very top of the unit is an integral exhaust blower. Going down from there, from the top down on the side, you'll see a high level shut-off, an operating level probe, a low level shut-off, a thermocouple to monitor the temperature of the liquid, a low level for controlling the auto-dump feature, and again, the auto-dump valve.

Continuing to the back side, on the left-hand side of the unit, you'll see the ops panel. That is where the electrical power will come in. You have a DFD on this system for the exhaust blower motor and a transformer. On the top of the lid near the back is the inlet for wastewater.

This side of the system, from left to right, is a gas-fired burner with a shroud. In the middle, you've got the chimney for exhaust gases, combustion gases. And on the right, you've got a burner without the shroud. These burners are forced draft combustion burners, and they can be monitored or tuned from the chimney using those two small prongs that you see coming out of the chimney. They're tuned independently and then they can run together after that. The middle probe there is a thermocouple that will be a shutdown condition at high temperature. And that is your 165 gallon per hour ENCON thermal evaporator.

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