MVC Evaporator Installation

Typical Installation & Layout


Installation for the ENCON MVC Evaporator is very straight forward and is generally handled by facilities, maintenance, or plant engineering personnel. Depending on the size of the unit, riggers may be needed to unload the evaporation sections and put them into place. ENCON Service Technicians are readily available to assist during the installation process based on the needs and capabilities of the customer.

After fabrication and quality control testing, the system is disassembled into skidded sections. These sections are labeled for easy mechanical and electrical reassembly after arrival at customer’s site.

Primary connections include plumbing from the holding tank, sump, or pit to the wastewater feed connection, plumbing from the residue pump connection, to the residue tank, plumbing from the distillate pump connection to the distillate holding tank, and plumbing from the cleaning solution holding tank to the cleaning solution feed line.

Finally, power is run to the main power disconnect switch located behind the operator interface panel. All primary components including feedstock pump, recirculation pump, vapor compressor, concentrate discharge pump, level probes, pressure transducers, etc. are pre-wired and pre-plumbed within the boundaries of the MVC.


The ENCON MVC is designed for clear access to components for quicker and less costly maintenance. Devices are strategically located in easy to see and easy to access locations. Ladders and walkways allow operators to safely access all elevated components such as valves, sensors, HX, blowers, manways and mist pads. ENCON MVC insulation is metallic sheathed with metal retaining bands. ENCON utilizes removable insulation blankets for all flanges, fittings, heat exchangers, etc. to ensure OSHA compliance with operator safety near hot surfaces.