Thermal Evaporators

thermal evaporator system

What is a Thermal Evaporator?

ENCON Thermal Evaporators are a time-tested method for economically reducing the water portion of water-based wastes. It is our most flexible system in terms of heat sources available and the different ways to configure the system including batch, semi-batch, and continuous operation as well as options to recover steam as distilled water. ENCON Thermal Evaporator Systems are available in a wide range of standard capacities, from 8 to 400 gallons per hour and heat sources that include: gas, propane, electric, steam, oil, waste oil, off spec gas, and waste heat. ENCON was founded more than 20 years ago with the Thermal Evaporator offering and that original system has evolved and been improved upon to the point it is today which is the industry leader with widest range of configurations.

What Does a Thermal Evaporator System Do?

Put simply, the ENCON Thermal Evaporator Systems allows you to efficiently and affordably convert the water-based portion of water-based wastes to water vapor, while leaving the higher boiling contaminants behind. This can eliminate the need to discharge wastewater to the sewer and or greatly minimizes the amount of waste that needs to be hauled off-site.

If your waste stream is substantially water (70-99%), it is likely to be an excellent application for ENCON wastewater evaporators.

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  • What are the benefits of ENCON Thermal Evaporator Systems over other wastewater treatment technologies?

    Proven solution for a wide range of waste streams.

    Most wastewater treatment technologies are designed to handle a specific application with a specific contaminants. ENCON thermal evaporators can handle a wide range of different waste streams simultaneously and, unlike membranes or chemical treatment systems, are not likely to fail or foul irreversibly if extraneous contaminants are introduced to the waste stream.

    Eliminates Accountability to the Sewer Facility:

    Other technologies, such as membranes and chemical treatment, yield a clean and concentrated waste stream. Even the clean stream needs to be monitored for discharge. Accountability and reporting of these discharge streams is expensive. Discharge violations due to extraneous contaminants or treatment system failure can result in expensive fines.

    Yields a lower volume of concentrated waste:

    All wastewater treatment technologies yield a clean and concentrated waste stream. The thermal energy in an ENCON system will allow more water to be driven off and do a better job of separating water from contaminants yielding lower concentrate volumes than other technologies .

    ENCON Evaporators are often used to further reduce concentrate volumes from membrane and chemical treatment systems.

    Lower Operating Cost:

    In addition to our very energy efficient heat exchanger, ENCON Thermal Evaporators require less manpower, less adherence to procedures; they generate lower concentrate volumes, and eliminate cost and expense associated with discharge to sewer.
    These advantages result in a much lower operating cost compared to alternatives such as membranes and chemical treatment.

    Wide variety of heat source options available that allow you to choose the heat source that is most economical. In addition to common heat sources such as Natural Gas, Propane, Steam and Oil, ENCON also offers heat source choices such as waste oil, off-spec landfill gas and waste heat that can drastically reduce operational cost.

  • What are the advantages of ENCON Thermal Evaporators over other evaporator systems?

    The Mist Eliminator captures unwanted contaminants before exhausting, thus enabling you to comply with today's stringent emissions regulations (evaporation) or return high quality water to your process (distillation).

    Our unique heat exchanger design provides extremely efficient heat transfer, resulting in reduced fuel costs.

    A wide variety of heat sources allow you to use the most economical heat source available for you.

    Elevated heat exchanger with large volume and height between floor of evaporator tank and underside of heat exchanger to minimize likelihood of solids encroaching on heat exchanger.

    Sloped bottom to 6 inch cleanout for easy removal of solids.

    Available in standard 316SS alloy as well as other more corrosion resistant alloys for long term reliable operation for even the most corrosive applications.

    Available with low NOx burners to meet stringent requirements in environmentally sensitive non attainment areas.


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