Electric 24gph Thermal Evaporator

A quick picture of a ENCON Thermal Evaporator that has passed quality control testing and is ready to be crated for shipment. This particular model has electric heaters and is rated to process up to 24 gallons per hour.

This unit features two 36kW low watt density immersion heaters, NEMA 4 PLC control panel with a touch screen interface display, mist eliminator system with removable stainless mesh filter, and a 316ss tank.

ENCON offers a wide variety of heat sources for our Thermal Evaporators, including natural gas, propane, steam, #2 fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, electricity, waste oil, waste heat and off-spec landfill gas. To learn more, visit http://www.evaporator.com/thermal-evaporator or give us a call at 603-624-5110.