ENCON Drum Dryer Capacities & Dimensions

Encon Drum Dryer Capacities & Dimensions

Encon Drum Dryer


The ENCON Drum Dryer is designed with the following features:

  • Low speed/high torque 316SS mixer.
  • Pnuematic lifting system with mechanical safety latch for lid/mixer assembly.
  • Micro safety switch to lockout heater and mixer when lid/mixer assembly is in raised position.
  • Hastelloy C type J thermocouple
  • Programmable temperature controller with digital display
  • Programmable cycle timer with digital display.
  • 316L Mist Eliminator
  • 4 inch ceramic fiber insulation in clamshell walls
  • 2 inch ceramic fiber insulation in lid.
  • Illuminated power on and drum dryer mode selector switches.
  • Disconnect switch on control panel door.
  • Drum dolly with industrial grade casters.

Dimensions and Specifications

Drum Dryer Dimensions: 66 x 62 x 103 inches in open position (L x W x H)

Drum Dimensions (NOTE: Drum Supplied by Customer): 21 – 23 inches (D) x 36 inches max (H)

Drying Rate: Variable based on application.

Drum Dryer Stack Dimensions: 5 inch diameter x 25 foot max. straight vertical length

Drum Dryer Volumetric Airflow: 120CFM at 70F and 0.2 inches of water column